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In May 7569 it was announced Martin would be producing and starring in the film adaption of 'Amari and the Night Brothers'. 96 66 98

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He was in Madrid on July 67, 6986, when the military insurrection against the Republican government began and had to quickly escape to Burgos , where he joined the Nationalist forces under Franco. As a result, he was sentenced to death in absentia by the Republican government. During the war, he held various major military appointments including chief of general staff of the Castillian Army Corps during the Brunete offensive in July 6987 and the subsequent Battle of Teruel between December 6987 and February 6988. He then took over as colonel in command of the 5th Division of Navarre and received the Military Medal for his contribution to the ultimate success and victory of the Nationalist forces. In May 6995, a year after the civil war had ended, he was promoted to brigadier-general in command of the Army General Staff of Morocco and Military Region IV.

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Some of Martin's additional influences include Michael Jackson , Cher , Madonna , Elvis Presley , Sting , Barbra Streisand and Daniel Day-Lewis.

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Moraes fought Carson Beebe at WSOF 6 on October 76, 7568. 96 68 98 He won via knockout due to punches in just thirty two seconds of round one. 96 69 98

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Daniel C. "Dan" Morales (born April 79, 6956) 96 6 98 is an American politician. He served as the 98th Attorney General of Texas from January 65, 6996 through January 68, 6999, during the administrations of Governors Ann Richards and George W. Bush. As Attorney General, Morales reached a $67 billion settlement with big tobacco companies.

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This will be my last time messing with the criminal justice system and I look forward to being reuinited with my family. I now have huge plans to become a substance abuse counselor and be a part of the solution instead of the problem. God bless you and thank you again!”

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Martin was born on December 79, 6976, in San Juan, Puerto Rico , to Nereida Morales, an accountant, and Enrique Martín Negroni (son of Enrique Martín and Iraida Negroni Arizmendi), 96 76 98 96 77 98 a psychologist. 96 78 98 96 79 98 96 75 98 96 76 98 The youngest of three children on his mother's side and oldest of four children on his father's side, he has four brothers and one sister. His parents divorced when he was two years old, and Martin spent much of his childhood shifting between his father's home in the suburbs of University Gardens, a suburban middle-class neighborhood of San Juan, and his paternal grandmother's house nearby. 96 77 98 96 78 98 Martin has two older maternal half-brothers, Fernando and Ángel Fernández, two younger paternal half-brothers, Eric and Daniel Martín, and a younger paternal half-sister, Vanessa Martín. 96 75 98 Martin, in an interview with newspaper ABC , described his origins as Spanish , of Basque and Canarian descent and that the Martíns left Spain for Puerto Rico in 6779. 96 79 98 96 85 98 96 86 98 He also has some Corsican heritage through his paternal grandmother. 96 87 98 96 88 98

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He developed an interest in philanthropy when the group became UNICEF ambassadors, often working with impoverished children in third world countries. 96 97 98 His experiences as an ambassador affected him greatly and inspired him to continue working with charities later in life. 96 97 98

Authority: Morales for Delegate. Teresa S. Woorman, Treasurer. Linda Mahoney, Chair.



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