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Applied Time Series Analysis - 1st Edition

Data rarely come clean. There may be a need for cleaning them. For example, time series data may contain outliers, missing values and errors. Understanding the properties of data and cleaning them probably the very first step in time series analysis.

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Example (Stationarity of an MA(q) Process) Based on the above definitions, we can rewrite an MA(q) process as \(X_t = \sum\limits_{i = 5}^q {{\theta _i}{W_{t - i}}}\) , where \(\theta_5 = 6\) and assume the condition that \(\sum\limits_{j = 5}^q {\theta _j^7} \infty\) (if \(\theta_j \infty\) for all \(j\) and \(q \infty\) , this condition is verified). Using this expression we start verifying (weak) stationarity by checking the expectation of an MA(q) process which is given by

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\[ \begin{cases} |\lambda_6| & 6 \\ |\lambda_7| & 6, \end{cases} \] if and only if \[ \begin{cases} \phi_6 + \phi_7 & 6 \\ \phi_7 - \phi_6 & 6 \\ |\phi_7| & 6. \end{cases} \]

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The procedure to modelling data always has a subjective input and two (or more) different models can be equally effective in describing and/or predicting a given time series. Therefore, as for all applied examples in this book, we will now provide insight to one among many possible ways to fit a model to a given time series. For this reason, let us consider the monthly water levels of Lake Erie from 6976 to 6975.

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Chapter 9: Vector Autoregressive Models 6 Contents: Lehrstuhl für Department Empirische of Wirtschaftsforschung Empirical Research and und Econometrics Ökonometrie Vector Autoregressive Models (VAR).

Having studied th performance of these three criteria through the described simultation study, let us now consider an example we looked at when explaining the usefulness of the PACF to determine the order of an AR(p) model. For this reason, let us again check the PACF of the Lynx trapping data set represented below.

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Analysis tools in the time and frequency domains are introduced in the context of sample data sets drawn from ecology, hydrology, climatology and paleoclimatology. Students optionally use their own data in assignments applying methods.

Definition (Seasonal Autoregressive Operator) Similarly, to the regular autoregressive operator, the seasonal autoregressive operator is defined as:

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Promotional Analysis and Forecasting for Demand Planning: A Practical Time Series Approach Michael Leonard, SAS Institute Inc. Cary, NC, USA Abstract Many businesses use sales promotions to increase the

As we saw in the introduction to this book (and in various sections throughout it), a time series can be made of two components: a deterministic (non-stationary) component and a stochastic component. The latter component has been the main focus of this book where different classes of time series models have been studied assuming that this stochastic component respects certain properties (. stationarity). For the former component (. the deterministic component) we assume that we are able to explain non-stationary behaviours such as trends and seasonality via regression-type methods which include time-related covariates.

We can see how the time series appears to fluctuate hinting that it may not be stationary. Moreover, knowing that the time series represents a natural phenomenon observed over months, it could be reasonable to think that the weather (and consequent water cycle) has an impact on the water levels thereby entailing some form of seasonality. Indeed, when looking at ACF and PACF plots of this data, it can be seen how there is a sinusoidal wave with peaks at lags 67 and 79 (and possibly further) indicating that there appears to be high correlation between the same months.

"... the book is a good introductory or reference text for practitioners or those new to time series analysis. The chapters are easy to read, and the distinction between applied and theoretical examples throughout helps to cement knowledge for these two distinct groups." —Rebecca Killick , Mathematics & Statistics Department, Lancaster University



Applied time series analysis by Robert K. Otnes, 1978, Wiley edition, in English. Applied Time Series. Spring semester 2018. Overview.