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Saris 6808 Wave 9 Bike Rack - Saris Bike Parking Rack

That said, plenty of vehicles drive about with plates totally obscured by filth. 

Saris Stretch 10 Bike Commercial Rack - Saris Bike Parking Rack

Did you know that 79% of Toyota Camry owners sing to themselves when they are driving alone in the car? According to Toyota, peace of mind comes from driving one of the most dependable vehicles ever made, and peace of mind makes for happy car owners.

So what Saris rack is the best fit for the millions of happy Toyota owners? We recommend the #6, bestselling trunk rack in the world, the Bones fact, this rack fits so well that we have a Toyota Camry on display, in front of Saris with a Bones 8 mounted on it. A perfect combination.

And even better than the Bones, may be the SUPERBones. This rack takes everything we've learned from the 67 years of selling Bones racks and made it better. The SUPERBones will be available in the market within the next couple months. Here's a preview so you can plan ahead (perhaps another trait in Camry owners?)

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what little assembly needed was very easy n quick. rack is light n ez to handle. bikes load with ease.

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The tight strap fit possible with the ratchet mechanism plus the pivoting feet means the SuperBones doesn't need an anti-sway stabiliser strap, cleaning up the lines and also removing any chance of the dread thrum when taut straps hit resonance at certain speeds.

So why bother making you click this price match button at all? Why not just always show the lowest price online? Honestly, we would love to, but are held to a minimum advertised price policy by our suppliers. We are not allowed to display that cheaper price sourced from Amazon. This price match is the easiest way for us to get you the rack you need, for the price you deserve to pay.

Once you&apos ve added the Saris Bones Black 8-Bike Bike Rack to your basket, the items you&apos ve selected above will also be added to your order.

Once you ve sent us your old item we ll check it over, and then refund you the full surcharge as long as everything is ok.

At first I was very disappointed to find one of the plastic locking screws at the bottom of the box, with no sign of a nut to go with it. Managed to find a nut the correct thread but had to hacksaw it to fit. Despite this setback, the rack was very easy to install and works very well. My wife has a very tall bike that I thought would be a problem - it wasn t.

I ve had some real problems with this. It gets loose after 65 minutes, and the feet pull away from the car when driving. I m constantly worried the rack and my bike are going to fly off. When I install it, it seems solid. Then I drive 7 miles to the park, and the whole thing has shifted.

These 65 vehicles account for one out of every four new vehicles sold. We want to help you find the perfect fit for these popular cars.

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You put the first, largest/heaviest bike on first, then the rest. Bike top tubes end up spaced 67cm apart, so all combos of bikes will have overlapping handlebars. As with any rack there's a bit of trial and error to work out the best order, direction and placement, but once you sort it out the process is easy.

This is another beautifully designed bike rack from Saris, which we can highly recommend for anyone who wants an easy to mount, safe and reliable truck mount rack for up to 8 bikes.

Light weight, therefore easy to handle, remove and install. The ratcheting straps seem to work well. The rack sits high enough that the front wheel of bikes with sloping top tubes has enough ground clearance.



Plus, each bike rack undergoes unparalleled testing in the heart of tundra country – meaning, if it survives here in Wisconsin, it will thrive wherever your compass leads. The gold standard in bike rack practicality, performance and security must be Thule or Atera tilting